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Mortal Kombat Deception - Konquest Mode Earthrealm [Jun. 3rd, 2007|07:16 pm]
Walkthroughs, Guides and Cheats


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Game: Mortal Kombat Deception - Konquest Mode
Platform: Playstation 2
Levels: Intro/Earthrealm Village
Preview: You begin Konquest as a young boy named Shujinko. As Shujinko, you run around the Mortal Kombat universe completing training with the various kombatants of MK: Deception. Aside from completing the various training exercises, the player can take on quests to find items and keys for the Krypt or various amounts of koins to be spent in the Krypt.
Notes: This walkthrough contains links and if you want to see those I suggest going to the Website.
Website: www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/919922/33539

|Konquest Mode Walkthrough|

The Konquest Mode featured in Mortal Kombat: Deception is a
drastic overhaul when compared to the one offered in MK: Deadly
Alliance. The Deception version of Konquest is vastly different in
that it offers the player a chance to explore the entire Mortal
Kombat universe; it allows you to interact with past characters and
learn different martial arts along the way. Konquest Mode features
six realms to explore: Earthrealm, Netherrealm, Chaosrealm,
Outworld, Orderrealm, and Edenia. Your primary trainer will be
Bo'Rai Cho, but almost every character from past Mortal Kombat's
make appearances. There are main Konquest missions which continue
the story along, and there are side missions which reward the player
with koins or an extra key here or there. This walkthrough will
outline the different missions and how to complete them.
You begin Konquest as a young boy named Shujinko. As Shujinko,
you run around the Mortal Kombat universe completing training with
the various kombatants of MK: Deception. Aside from completing the
various training exercises, the player can take on quests to find
items and keys for the Krypt or various amounts of koins to be spent
in the Krypt. As you progress in Konquest Mode, Shujinko ages; he
goes from a young boy (maybe 13) to a middle aged man (maybe mid
30's) to an old man (maybe 60). There are many, many chests hidden
throughout Konquest Mode all of which contain something different.
Some of these chests only appear on certain days at certain times
(Konquest has its own internal clock that keeps track of the date
and time of day). The Konquest map is much like a grid; it has
coordinates that range from A1-H8. I will constantly refer to these
coordinates throughout the walkthrough as they will pinpoint exactly
where you need to be. With that being said, we will now whisk away
to the wonderful world of Mortal Kombat.

|Earthrealm Village|

After choosing Konquest from the Main Menu, the player is treated
to an opening sequence. This sequence shows an Earthrealm village
inhabited by many young boys and girls acting as their favorite
Mortal Kombat characters. We are then shown young Shujinko talking
to "Shang Tsung" (a girl dressed as him) telling him how he will
free Earthrealm from his tyranny. "Shang Tsung" responds by saying
that will never happen and he instructs "Goro" (a boy on top of
another boy's shoulders) to defeat "Kung Lao" (Shujinko). They
start circling each other when a bell rings. They all scream "We're
late!" and run off deeper into the village. Shujinko is left
walking up to a dojo and meeting Bo'Rai Cho for some training.


|Training: Bo'Rai Cho|

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Ah, Shujinko! You have arrived! Let us begin...
You have a long way to go, but every step is a victory. How you
maneuver in kombat plays as much a part of your strategy as how you
punch or kick. Tapping toward or away from your opponent will guide
your movements."

Directions: Your first exercise will be to step toward me three
times. Then, step away from me three times.

> Tap - Toward, Toward, Toward
> Tap - Back, Back, Back

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Do not assume that offensiveness is always the
correct path to victory. A hasty retreat can give you the space you
need to plan for your next attack. By quickly tapping twice away from
your opponent, you can perform a Backward Dash."

Directions: Put distance between us by performing three Backward
Dashes away from me.

> Tap - Back, Back
> Tap - Back, Back
> Tap - Back, Back

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Know a fighting style like you would know
yourself. Let no attribute escape you."

Directions: Try to strike me once with four different basic
attacks to understand their unique characteristics.

> Tap - 1
> Tap - 2
> Tap - 3
> Tap - 4

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Often you can perform different attacks with the
same button by pressing in a direction at the same time. For
example, pressing towards your opponent while attacking will execute
a different attack."

Directions: Now, Shujinko, strike me with each of your high
punch attacks.

> Tap - 2
> Tap - Up+2

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Next, Shujinko, I will show you attack
variations. Some attacks can be executed by combining the
directional pad and an attack button. These attacks will often
strike your opponent in different locations. In the Mantis fighting
style, the 3 button will initiate an attack to your opponent's
chest. However, by holding Back+3, you will attack your opponent's

Directions: Strike me with each of your high and low attacks.

> Tap - 3
> Tap - Back+3

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "A mixture of high and low attacks can overcome
the defenses of even the most determined foe."

Directions: Strike me with two high attacks and two low

> Tap - 2
> Tap - Up+2
> Tap - 3
> Tap - Down+3

Missions Complete!



After completing the basic training with Bo'Rai Cho, Shujinko
will now be allowed to explore the Earthrealm village taking on
quests and sidequests. You start directly in front a fountain with
many villagers wandering about. You can talk to them if you like to
see if they have any quests for you to undertake.

-->Side Mission 1 (A-6): "Help the villager cure his toothache."
If you talk to the old, bald man with the white beard, he will
tell you of a very bad toothache he has because of not taking care
of his teeth. You will also learn that the local dentist is nowhere
to be found.

> Solution: If you just punch the man in the face, you will knock is
tooth out, "curing" him of his toothache. He is very thankful and
gives you 400 Sapphire koins as a reward.

If you talk to the man in the fountain area he tells you to
find Apep. The man next to the fountain entrance tells Shujinko of
a temple in the village. Shujinko then inquires how to enter it.
The man tells him to speak with the guards; to the man's left are
the guards. If you speak with one of them, he says there is an
elderly woman in town who can benefit you greatly; he says you
should speak to her. The other guard says that he believes he saw a
Lin Kuei over by the students playing.

If you speak with the old woman holding her back she tells you
that she has to put her money in a safe place. You can punch this
old woman to steal the key to her hut.
Directly to the right of your starting place is a young boy
surrounded by a green aura; this is Apep (B-6). When you speak to
him, he tells you how he has seen you practicing martial arts, and
he informs you that Bo'Rai Cho instructed him to show you Cho's
other schools of martial arts. He begins running to these
locations, and you should follow him, but before that, you should
pick up and talk to:

-->Side Mission 2 (B-5): "Find the lost key somewhere in the park."
If you talk to the man standing in between two houses, he tells
you that he lost his key when playing Mortal Kombat; his parents
will kill him if someone uses his key to rob his house.

> Solution: If you search the park area, A-6, (with the fountain)
you will find the key in the lower right most part. Return the key
to the boy, or you can rob his house. If you rob the house (the
house to the right of where the boy is standing) you will receive,
65 Platinum koins, 140 Onyx koins, 60 Sapphire koins, 50 Jade koins,
and 150 Gold koins.

-->Side Mission 3 (B-6): "Find the hiding boy."
If you talk to the boy dressed up as a ninja, he will tell you
he is practicing Ninjitsu. He tells you to watch him disappear as
he throws a smoke bomb and vanishes.

> Solution: If you go back to the fountain area, (A-6) you will find
the boy in the upper left most area. He will reward you with a
"Mysterious Key."

If you continue on the path to Apep, you should talk to a woman
walking around in a robe. This leads to:

-->Side Mission 4 (B-5): "Find a Woman's missing son."
If you talk to the woman in the robe, she informs you that the
Lin Kuei are recruiting again, and that her son is missing. She
asks you to tell him to come home immediately.

> Solution: At location A-3 are two boys play fighting. The boy
with the short hair is the woman's son. Speak with him and he tells
you not to tell his mom where he is. For doing him this favor, he
offers you 400 Sapphire koins.

Past the woman in the robe, is another old woman walking about,
she leads you into:

-->Side Mission 5 (B-5): "Deliver a note to the blacksmith."
You will see another old woman walking around near the same
woman who gave you the "Find my son" quest. This woman tells you
that she is much too busy doing her shopping to deliver a note to
the blacksmith. She asks you to do this favor for her. If you
accept, you receive an "Important Note."

> Solution: At area B-4, is the blacksmith. Talk to him and you
will have given him the note. The note says that a bunch of
fisherman have been robbed by a band of brigands. The note requests
that the blacksmith make better armor and weapons for them. Now
return to the woman and she will thank you. There is no reward for
completing this quest.

Just past the old woman asking you to take the note to the
blacksmith, is another character with a quest:

-->Side Mission 6 (B-5) "Wake up the lazy boy sleeping in the
The kid next to one of Bo'Rai Cho's dojos tells you to find his
brother and make him come home to do his chores.

> Solution: In area D-4, there is the boy sleeping under the trees.
Wake him up, and he then runs off to do his chores. If you come
back to this spot later, the boy will give you a "Ninja Star."

After receiving and completing some of these quests, it is time
to head (finally!) to where Apep is waiting for you outside Bo'Rai
Cho's dojo (B-5). Apep tells you that this is another of Master
Cho's classrooms and that he is starting class now. Walk inside...


|Training: Bo'Rai Cho|

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Every warrior has the potential to effortlessly
link his or her moves into one long attack combination. For
example, You can combine attacks by pressing 1 and 1 in rapid

Directions: Test your attack combo skills. Execute the short
form of this combo.

> Metal Mantis: Tap - 1, 1, 2
> Looking For Prey: Tap - 1, 1, 1
> Time To Hunt: Tap - 1, 1, 3

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "You show the makings of a promising student. Not
many of my pupils would have understood the technique of combining
attacks so quickly!"

Directions: Now try the full Combo moves.

> Stunning Prey: Tap - 1, 1, Up+3
> Scratch It Up: Tap - 1, 1, 2, 4

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Next, Shujinko, you will learn the might of the
Power Attack!"

Directions: Power Attacks do more damage than normal attacks.
Most are performed by combining attack buttons with the directional
pad. Perform these Power Attacks so that I may see that you have

> Stone Column: Tap - Up+2
> Forceful Ball Attack: Tap - Up+3
> Hidden Mantis Claws: Tap - Toward+4
> Mantacut: Tap - Down+2

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "I will now show you the art of Pop-Up attacks.
These moves will give you the advantage by keeping your opponent in
the air long enough to execute a combo."

Directions: Your opponent cannot block while being popped in
the air. This is indicated by his blue Fight State indicator light
just below his health meter. Like Power Attacks, these moves are
also performed by combining the attack buttons with the directional
pad. Now, Shujinko, show me you understand Pop-Up Attacks.

> Mantis Takes Prey: Tap - Back+2
> Upward Leg: Tap - Up+4

Directions: Excellent! Now try to follow a Pop-Up Attack with
another attack while your opponent is still in the air. This is
called "juggling."

> Tap - Up+4 then while Cho is airborne, Tap - 1, 1, 1
> Tap - Back+2 then while Chi is airborne, Tap - 1, 1, 2

Mission Complete!



Now that you have completed, Bo'Rai Cho's second set of
training, talk to Apep again. He will tell you to follow him to
another of Bo'Rai Cho's training classrooms. Before you do that
however, go into the hut directly across from his dojo for:

Next to one of the huts containing Ruby koins, is a kid
coughing. Talk to him to receive:

-->Side Mission 7 (C-5): "Find medicine for the sick boy before 8
He asks for your help because he ate some bad food and he feels
ill. If you do not complete this mission before 8 p.m. the boy will
die, and the mission is lost. Speaking to the sick boy again will
reveal that his mother is the woman hanging laundry at (B-6).

> Solution: If you speak to the boy's mother at (B-6), she will give
you the "Bottle of Medicine." Return this medicine to the boy and
he will let you in on a secret. He says that if you stand next to
Bo'Rai Cho's second dojo at 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, a great
treasure will appear. If you do this, a chest containing 600 Onyx
koins appears.

Next to this chest, is a bridge leading deeper into the
village (C-6). Once across the bridge, you will come across a boy
meditating. Speak to him to learn how to meditate.

There are many huts and houses in this part of town, and most
of them contain some koins. There are also Ruby, Sapphire, and Onyx
koins scattered about outside. Inside one of the huts is an orange
"?" mark. Picking this up rewards you with 15 Platinum koins.

You can talk to all the townsfolk if you like to pick up even
more sidequests. There is a man standing in front of his house,
which leads to:

-->Side Mission 8 (D-5): "Reclaim the pawned wedding ring."
If you talk to the man standing in front of his house, he says
that he pawned his wedding ring to pay for his gambling debt. If
you return the ring, he will reward you with whatever money he has

> Solution: To reclaim this ring, return to C-6. Once there, speak
with the shopkeeper who will ask you if you want to buy a ring.
After asking, he claims you do not have enough money, but a punch to
the face should do him justice. Take the ring he leaves behind and
return it to the man for 400 Platinum koins.

As you continue exploring this part of the village, talk to the
man with the Raiden hat on standing in front of a large dojo (C-5).
He tells you to go inside for the auction... All that is inside are
90 Gold koins.
After receiving and completing some quests, speak with Apep
again (D-5) who is standing outside Bo'Rai Cho's third training
classroom. He tells you to go inside and complete even more
training. Do what he says and step inside...


|Training: Bo'Rai Cho|

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "I will now show you the basics of defense. A
defensive warrior can block an attack by holding the Block button
while his opponent strikes."

Directions: You must now attempt to block four of my strikes.

> Just push the Block button as Cho strikes to complete this

Directions: Excellent. Now block four low attacks.

> Just push and hold the block button, and hold Down to block the
low attacks.

Directions: Ducking below your opponent is an effective tactic
to avoid high attacks. Duck under these three high attacks by
pressing diagonally down and away from me on the directional pad.

> Just push and hold diagonally down on the D-pad to complete this.

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "An excellent way to tire out your opponent is to
evade his attacks."

Directions: Evade three of my punches by quickly tapping up or
down on the directional pas I attack.

> As Cho is about to strike (there is a timer that starts at 3 and
counts down), just tap Down, Down, or Up, Up to evade his attacks.

Mission Complete!



Across from Bo'Rai Cho's third dojo (C-4) is a house where a
woman says a man looks in her window every night at 2 a.m. Wait
around until this time, then punch the man who looks in the window,
he will drop 400 Jade koins. To the left of Cho's dojo is:

On the other side of the dojo are three boys talking. Speak to
them to receive:

-->Side Mission 9 (D-5): "Teach Mekko a lesson."
Talk to the three boys on the side of Cho's dojo to learn that
a boy named Mekko has been beating them up and stealing their money.
They want you to teach him a lesson.

> Solution: In order to do this, travel back to A-6, and speak with
Mekko. After that, punch him in the head, and take the 400 Platinum
koins that he drops.

After completing that mission, speak with Apep again who is
standing outside the dojo. He tells you follow him again. He stops
at a bridge (D-4), and informs us that in order for us to cross the
bridge we need to pay him. Since, we have no money, we need to find
food from the butcher to bribe him.
Head back to the butcher at C-6, and he will agree with you
that the guard at the bridge is hungry. He gives you the "Ham" to
feed him. Now, return to the guard and give him the ham; you now
have access to the areas beyond bridge.

Immediately to the right of the bridge is a house with a lady
inside, which leads to:

-->Side Mission 10 (D-4): "Fill the bucket with water from a well."
Once inside this house, speak with the woman to learn that she
needs water to do her laundry. She gives you a "Bucket" and asks
you to retrieve water from a well for her.

> Solution: Remember that well where we found some koins earlier?
Well, it is time to head back there (B-6). You need to approach the
well and fill it up with water. Once filled, return to the lady and
she will reward you with 400 Jade koins.

Exit this house, and enter the one directly to the left of it.
Inside is a man who has run out of flour for his pastries which
leads to:

-->Side Mission 11 (D-4): "Locate flour for the baker."
Walk into the house next to the house with the laundry lady to
talk to a man who has run out of flour for his pastries. He asks
you to go to his storage room down the street to fetch him some

> Solution: Head to the flour man's storage room (B-3) to find "Sack
of Flour." Return it to the man and he will reward you with 400
Sapphire koins.

-->Side Mission 12 (D-3): "Find a lost dog."
Inside the house next to the one with the flour man is a lady
who has lost her dog. She asks you to ask around to see if anyone
has seen her dog.

> Solution: At area C-3, there is a house to the left of the
overturned wheelbarrow. Inside is a man who "gave" the dog to the
butcher not knowing it was a pet. This man then gives you all that
is left of the dog, "Dog Meat." Return to D-3, and give the lady
the Dog Meat. She is shocked and offers you 400 Ruby koins as a
reward. She then invites you to join her later for some Nikko (her
dog's name) stew...

If you talk to the man by the bridge near some bushes (C-4) he
will say he took your wallet and run off. Follow him, and punch him
to reclaim some koins. Continuing on the path (C-4) you will see a
key to the Krypt. It is for koffin "KT" and it unlocks Liu Kang's
Tomb Music. Across from this key is another:

Now talk to Apep who is waiting outside the fourth Cho dojo.
He informs you he will wait outside while you continue your
training. Enter this dojo.


|Training: Bo'Rai Cho|

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "If you should become an accomplished warrior, you
will likely have studied many different fighting styles. Each
fighting style has its strengths and weaknesses. Weapons are also
frequently used in kombat. You will likely have learned to use many
during your many years of training."

Directions: Press the Style Change button to cycle through your
current fighting styles.

Tap - CS button three times.

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Now strike me with an attack from each of your
three fighting styles."

Tap - 1 in fighting Mantis, 2 in Shaolin fist, and 3 in Dan Tien

Mission Complete!



After completing this training, the overturned wheelbarrow
blocking the bridge will be gone allowing you access to another part
of the village. Speak with Apep where he will guide you to another
training session. Before you train though you should:

Talk to the townsfolk to learn miscellaneous facts about
Earthrealm. Also, pick up any stray koins lying about. Entering
the house at (A-4) leads to:

-->Side Mission 13 (A-4): "Find proof that oni exist."
After entering this house, you will find a brother and sister.
The sister claims her brother will not believe her when she says
that oni exist. She asks you to find proof.

> Solution: At location B-5, or B-6 at 4:00-6:00 a.m. will be a
weird looking man walking around. He kind of resembles Baraka as he
has the same teeth as him. He is also wearing a weird helmet with
spikes sticking out. Punch this man to receive the "Oni Tooth."
Return to A-4, and show the man the tooth. He will be in awe, and
reward you with 500 Gold koins.

Walking along the path of this part of the village leads to:

-->Side Mission 14 (B-3): "Locate five Lin Kuei warriors before
This man is at his post, meaning he cannot leave it. He is
hearing rumors of Lin Kuei lurking about, and asks you take care of
them for him.

> Solution: The five Lin Kuei warriors are at points: B-6 (behind a
tree), C-4 (in the trees), D-4 (in the trees), A-2 (near the
entrance to Cho's big classrooms) and A-4 (to the left of Cho's dojo
where a chest was located). Return to the man who gave you the
quest to receive 600 Jade koins.

After following the path a little longer, before Cho's big
classroom, is a lady doing her laundry. She gives you:

-->Side Mission 15 (A-3): "Locate a lost bracelet."
Speak with the lady doing her laundry, and she will tell you
that she lost her bracelet because it was too big for her. If you
find it, she will reward you with koins.

> Solution: This took me forever to figure out, but the bracelet is
actually in a barrel at location D-5 next to a house. Return the
bracelet and the woman will reward you with 400 Ruby koins.

It is now time for the fourth training lesson from Bo'Rai Cho.
Talk to Apep outside the dojo, and he will tell you he will wait
outside. Away we go...


|Training: Bo'Rai Cho|

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "It is a well known fact that when your opponent
attacks, he is also vulnerable to your attack. You must be able to
recognize this opportunity. Keep your eye on the red Fight State
indicator light below your opponent's health meter. When it lights
up, he is exposed to your attack. You will do more damage to your
opponent when the red light is on. Try to dodge my attack and then
counter with another attack.

> Sidestep Cho's attacks and hit him with any attack three times.

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Good! Now duck under my high attack and then
counter with an attack of your own."

> Hold down and block, and when Cho attacks, attack him right away.
Do this three times to beat him.

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "I have already taught you combo attacks. These
attacks can do much damage to your opponent. If you should find
yourself being attacked by a string of combo moves, you cannot block
after the first hit. There is a method, however, for breaking a
combo attack. This is what is called a Breaker. A Breaker is
performed by holding "block" and pressing toward your opponent with
the directional pad. Try to break my combo three times by holding
'block' and pressing the directional pad toward me."

> When Cho starts a combo, hold Block and hold toward on the D-Pad.
Do this three times to win.

Mission Complete!



After completing this training session, speak with Apep again.
He wants to try a few more advanced maneuvers so follow him to B-3.
You stop outside The Earthrealm Academy of Martial Arts. He talks
about how it is the best school in Earthrealm, and how he attends
it, and how he intends on kick Shang Tsung back to Outworld. He
then runs off leaving you to explore more on your own. The main
gates to the Earthrealm Academy of Martial Arts are now open. There
is only one room that Shujinko can enter however at A-1...


|Training: Bo'Rai Cho|

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Many of the skills you have learned can be used
together. By combining fighting styles, you will truly become a
master of Mortal Kombat."

Directions: Linking fighting styles together will enhance your
attack. Show me you understand by performing these Style-Branching

> Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "By launching your opponent into the air, you
leave your opponent vulnerable to combos."

Directions: Try these Pop-Up combos.

> Perfection: Tap - 1, 1, 2, CS

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "I am impressed with your aptitude for learning
martial arts, Shujinko. But I must put you to the test to see if
you truly understand the intricacies of combo attacks."

Directions: Show me you can perform this advanced style branch

> Plane Searcher: Tap - 1, 4, 4, CS

Mission Complete!



After you complete the fifth training with Master Bo'Rai Cho,
you are once again able to explore the rest of the Earthrealm
village. The big doors that were previously locked are now open.
Continue through these doors and pick up the 12 Sapphire koins on
the path. To your immediate left, there is a:

Chest: This chest at B-1, contains 200 Sapphire koins.

As always, check every house and hut that is enterable for
various amounts of koins. At location C-2 is floating music note.
Pick it up to receive the key to koffin "CC" which unlocks the
Beetle Lair Music. If you talk to the man bent over holding his
back, you receive:

-->Side Mission 16 (C-2): "Find a vase for the strange man."
If you speak with the man holding his back, he tells you that
he needs to find a very important vase for a client of his. He says
that if you find it, he will cut you in on some of the profit...

> Solution: The vase is in C-1. It is the second small hut on the
left side of the path. If you return the vase to the man, he will
claim that you stole... the vase for him. He will then offer you 400
Jade koins.

Continuing on, you can talk to the old man standing at D-2. He
will tell you he is training to become the fastest man in all of
Earthrealm. He will then challenge you to a race. In order to beat
him, you have to hold down the run button, and just run straight
down the path. At the end of the path is 60 Onyx koins, the reward
for beating him. To the left of the entrance to the new part of the
Earthrealm village is:

Chest: This chest at location D-1, contains the key for koffin "HB"
which contains the Yin Yang Puzzle Arena.

Continuing on through the massive archway is Master Bo'Rai Cho
(D-1). He tells you he will not let you pass because it is
dangerous. He says you are too young and inexperienced. He says to
return to him when you are more experienced, to see if he will let
you pass. As Shujinko walks away, he meets Damashi. Damashi tells
him the Elder Gods need his help. They need a champion to save the
realms. He says you must traverse the realms in order to find
certain items (Kamidogu). Damashi then allows Shujinko to transform
into anyone he fights. Shujinko then returns to Bo'Rai Cho and you
now have to fight him.

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "I highly doubt that you could have learned enough
from the few lessons I have taught you."

Directions: Spar with me to prove your skills.

> Cho can be tough if you let him get in close. I try to stay as
far back as possible. Let him try a combo, dodge it, and follow up
with your own. Cho rarely blocks, so he should be pretty easy.

Mission Complete!

After Bo'Rai Cho is defeated, you have to speak to him again,
in order to pass the gates that lead into Earthrealm. Remember,
though, that once you leave the village, you will not be allowed to
re-enter. So it is imperative, that you complete all the quests you
want, and open all the chests before you leave. Once you are ready,
approach Cho, and he will tell you he is impressed. He says he has
no doubt you will be able to handle yourself outside Earthrealm. He
offers to train you himself, to mold you into the next great
defender of Earthrealm. He says he trains all his students at his
home down the road. You are now allowed to ext the Earthrealm


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Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

i tap 1,2,4 and then switch style (L1) but nothing happends
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-08-02 08:12 pm (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

I'm not sure but i think you have to get they timing just right i just kept pressing the buttons and i got it.
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-06-02 11:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

What was he doing when you attack
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-06-02 11:55 pm (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

I ment to say when is it the right time to attack master Bo'Rai Cho
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-11-20 11:09 pm (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

Me too, can u please make the poor soul more in depth ive been stuck at this part for like 5 months so can u please tell me how to do it?
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-12-01 10:49 pm (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

it needs to be done in shoalin fist style
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-09-03 04:08 am (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

you need to be one quarter of distance of bo rai cho to be able to do it. Otherways never work ;)
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-06-02 11:43 pm (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

hay I'v been trying all day your advices and it's not helping got any other advice on beating that part
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-06-02 11:45 pm (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

can anyone help me
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From: (Anonymous)
2011-02-24 08:58 pm (UTC)

Re: Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

this is really making me mad i kept on pressing th buttons over and over ind i tryed it a quarter away nothing
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-11-14 03:18 am (UTC)


so u cant ever enter sholin temple
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-08-02 08:38 am (UTC)


how do you get in that temple in the village? it says only monks can enter but once you leave the city you cant go back. if you can help email me at Big_rick14@yahoo.com.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-09-03 04:12 am (UTC)

Re: help

you have to finish konquest mode and beat Liu Kang in Edenia, when you return to earthrealm you ba able to enter =)
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-06-27 09:54 pm (UTC)

Re: help

how do you know?
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-06-27 09:56 pm (UTC)

Re: help

how do you know and what are you allowed to enter?
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-09-03 04:11 am (UTC)
how about all the locked doors remaining on the village and the house on B3??? the ones thas facing the river. How you enter there??? It has to be a way? And plus no one mention the tools to pick up locks that you get as soon as you cross the villages gates by punching the same guy that gives you the mysterius key??????????
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