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Mortal Kombat Deception - Konquest Mode Earthrealm [Jun. 3rd, 2007|07:22 pm]
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Game: Mortal Kombat Deception - Konquest Mode
Platform: Playstation 2
Levels: Earthrealm
Preview: You are in a completely new area now. It is still Earthrealm, albeit outside of the town. Immediately after entering Earthrealm, look behind you for.
Notes: This walkthrough contains links and if you want to see those I suggest going to the Website.
Website: www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/919922/35539


You are in a completely new area now. It is still Earthrealm,
albeit outside of the town. Immediately after entering Earthrealm,
look behind you for:

Chest: At location A-5 is a chest containing the key to koffin "SC"
in the Krypt which unlocks Kenshi's Alt. Costume.

Walk a little farther and you will meet Damashi again. He says
he is proud of you for completing your training. He tells you of
the six items of great importance...the Kamidogu. Using these tools,
the Elder Gods will vanquish the menace threatening the realms.
They are scattered throughout the realms and you must find them.
You will also be told of a Nexus. Damashi doesn't tell you what it
is at first though. He will now leave you on your way.
After speaking with Damashi, Shujinko sees a sign that points
to the East, that reads "Bo'Rai Cho's house." He says he should
head in that direction... Before we do that, we need to take care of
some sidequests.

As with the Earthrealm village, there are many, many random
koins lying about you should pick up. Right at the outset, is a
woman walking along the path that leads around some trees. Speak
with her to receive:

-->Side Mission 1 (B-6): "Find something to help guide this young
woman to her home."
You should see this woman constantly walking around the forest.
If you speak with her, she tells you she has traveled from her
village and is lost. She requests that you find something to help
her get home.

> Solution: You need to travel to location B-7 where you will find a
floating piece of rock amongst other rocks. Pick up the "Lodestone"
and return it to the lady. She says it is magnetic and always
points North. She offers to buy it from you for 50 Jade koins.

After completing this quest, you should travel to Bo'Rai Cho's
house at location (C-4). He greets you and offers to empower you
with his greatest techniques. You then begin your training...

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Your next lessons will encompass Sumo high

> Sumo Slap: Tap - 1
> Rib Slap: Tap - 2
> Cheap Shot: Tap - 3
> Headbutt: Tap - 4

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Now you will learn Sumo basic low attacks."

> Low Strike: Tap - Down+1
> Crab Kick: Tap - Down+3
> Step Kick: Tap - Down+4
> Sweeping Kick: Tap - Back+3

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Sumo also utilizes power and pop-up attacks.

> Side Chop: Tap - Back+4
> Power Lift: Tap - Back+1
> Uppercut: Tap - Down+2
> Double Handed Push: Tap - Toward+2

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Now on to Sumo basic combos."

> Ring Out: Tap - 1, 2
> Phat Hands: Tap - Back+4, 2

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Next, Sumo advanced combos."

> Champion Sumo: Tap - 1, 2, 3
> Tap - Back+1, 1, 2, 3

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Now, Shujinko, you will begin your training with
Drunken Fist high attacks."

> Spinning Back Fist: Tap - 1
> Drinking Punch: Tap - 2
> Lazy Leg: Tap - 3
> Drunken Leg: Tap - 4
> Cross Strike: Tap - Back+1

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "The next lessons will teach you Drunken Fist low

> Serving Fist: Tap - Down+1
> Twisting Flask: Tap - Down+3
> Monkey Kick: Tap - Down+4
> Sweep Kick: Tap - Back+3

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "These are the power and pop-up attacks of Drunken

> Battle Punches: Tap - Up+2
> Spinning Kick: Tap - Back+4
> Drinking Wine: Tap - Down+2

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Next you will learn Drunken Fist basic combos."

> Twist of Lime: Tap - 1, 1, 1
> Crushing Grapes: Tap - 3, 3, 3
> Krazy Monkey: Tap - 3, 2

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Now that you have learned the basic combos, we
will move on to Drunken Fist advanced combos."

> Zero Tolerance: Tap - 3, 3, 2, 2
> Staggering Steps: Tap - 2, 3, 2, 2
> On The Rocks: Tap - 2, 2, 1, 1, 1

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "The last of your high attack training will cover
the fighting style of Jujutsu."

> Overhead Strike: Tap - 1
> Two-Handed Thrust: Tap - 2
> Homerun Swing: Tap - 3
> Mid Reverse Strike: Tap - 4

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "The Jojutsu basic low attacks will also aid you
later in your journey."

> Pelvis Hit: Tap - Down+1
> Low Foot Poke: Tap - Down+3
> Leg Sweep: Tap - Down+4
> Leg Poke: Tap - Back+4

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Finally, Jojutsu has its own power and pop-up

> Straight Thrust: Tap - Up+3
> 2-Hit Strike: Tap - Toward+3
> Strong Overhead Strike: Tap - Back+1
> Vertical Smash: Tap - Back+2
> Upwards Stick: Tap - Down+2

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "There are basic combos within the Jojutsu
fighting style as well."

> Cheap Stick: Tap - 2, 4
> Homerun: Tap - 2, 3
> Dancing Stick: Tap - 2, 4, 1
> Crusty Branch: Tap - 2, 4, 4

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Finally, Jojutsu advanced combos."

> Splitting Bamboo: Tap - 2, 4, Back+1
> Rolling Wind: Tap - 2, 4, 4, Up+3

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "This combo changes from one fighting style to

> Frenzy Legs: Tap - 1, 2, CS, 3, 3

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Good! Now try this style-branching combo."

> City Protector: Tap - 3, 3, CS

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Finally, show me that you can handle this last
style-branching combo."

> Drunken Sumo: Tap - 1, 2, CS, 3, CS

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Special moves can change the tide of battle. Let
us see how well you learn this one."

> Belly Bash: Tap - Toward, Toward, 4
> Belly Bash: Tap - Toward, Toward, 4

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Well done. Now try this one."

> Monkey Flips: Tap - Down, Back+1
> Monkey Flips: Tap - Down, Back+1

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "Impressive! Let us move to another special

> Puke Puddle: Tap - Back, Toward+2

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "You are learning quickly! But you still have one
left to master."

> Earthquake: Tap - Down, Up+3
> Earthquake: Tap - Down, Up+3

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "You have learned my special attacks, but can you
execute them while I attack you?"

> Belly Bash, Monkey Flips, Puke Puddle, Earthquake, Belly Bash,
Monkey Flips, Puke Puddle, Earthquake.

--> Bo'Rai Cho: "I have taught you much, Shujinko, but for your
final test you must fight me!"

> Cho is pretty easy, as long as you don't get caught in his combos.
Use special moves sparingly, as they leave you open for attack.

Mission Complete!

Five years passed before Bo'Rai Cho felt Shujinko could leave
and fight on his own. He has excelled beyond his other students,
and Shujinko is grateful for the training. You will continue your
training in other realms. Bo'Rai Cho then asks you to find his
medallion. He saw it last at the docks. Before you go to the
docks, you should complete:

-->Side Mission 2 (B-4): "Scare the old man for his nephew's
If you talk to the boy at B-4, he will ask you to frighten his
uncle for entertainment. If you do this, he will pay you.

> Solution: At location B-4, is an old man holding his back. Sneak
up quietly and slowly behind him, and then talk to him. He will
scream, and say it is mean to scare an old man. Go back to talk to
the nephew, and he will reward you with 400 Sapphire koins. He then
asks you to do it again for:

-->Side Mission 3 (B-4): "Scare the old man for his nephew's
If you talk to the nephew, he claims he will pay you double for
scaring the old man again.

> Solution: This time if you walk up behind him, he will see you and
you won't complete the quest. You have to walk around the little
hut, and approach him from behind. Do this, and talk to him again.
He will then scream "OOOHHHHH, my heart!" and fall over dead. If you
talk to the nephew again, he claims you are a murderer and doesn't
pay you anything.

Near this hut is a man with a Raiden hat on. Speak with him

-->Side Mission 4 (C-6): "Discover what is happening in the hut to
the south."
If you speak to the man with the Raiden hat on, he claims to
hear noises in a hut south of where he is. He says it sounds like
someone fighting, and since Bo'Rai Cho is the only warrior here, is
afraid. He asks you to investigate the noises.

> Solution: The hut in the same sector (C-6) is the one he speaks
of. Enter this house to find a member of Scorpion's clan who says
that someone has found him. He then disappears in a puff of smoke
leaving a note behind. Bring the note to the man, to learn that
assassins are about. The man gets scared and runs off leaving
Shujinko no reward.

After this mission, travel to location D-4 where a woman is
standing outside a hut. She tells you that a man tries to get into
her house at night. Meditate until that night, and punch the man as
he tries to get in the house. He then drops the "Lockpick Tools,"
which can be used to get into locked houses/huts. After this, go to
a group of huts with a woman standing outside of some more huts.
This will lead to:

-->Side Mission 5 (C-5): "Discover why Bo'Rai Cho refuses to
participate in the Mortal Kombat tournament."
If you speak with this woman, she wonders why Bo'Rai Cho
doesn't fight in the Mortal Kombat tournament, and instead trains
youngsters to fight in his place.

> Solution: You must have first gotten Bo'Rai Cho's medallion back
for him in order to complete this quest; you must also have
completed your Lin Kuei training with Sub-Zero. After all of that,
return to Cho's house (C-4) and talk to him. Do not accept the
request for training. He will then offer you 600 Platinum koins.
Speak with him again to learn that he is originally from Outworld,
and will not compete on Outworld's behalf. Return to the woman (C-
5) who asked you to find out this answer and she will give you 500
Platinum koins.

If you travel to location A-6 , you will find:

-->Side Mission 6 (A-6): "Locate a curative agent to aid the old
At this location, you will find a man holding his back in front
of a hut. He says he was attacked, and need a kyra plant to heal
him. He says the plant is south of where he lives.

> Solution: If you travel to location B-8, you will find the "Kyra
Root" in between a bunch of trees. Return this to the man for 400
Onyx koins.

At location C-7 is another chest which contains 300 Sapphire koins.

If you travel to location C-7 which is the Temple of the Order
of Light, you will find 75 Sapphire koins inside.

At location A-4, Sindel awaits you in the woods. She will
challenge you to a fight where you start with 50% health and you are
bleeding to death. She can be pretty tough, as you have Bo'Rai Cho
to fight as. But use combos over and over and she will die. When
you defeat her you win 400 koins.
If you find a white bridge, cross it. You will then find a
temple that is home to the White Lotus. Speak to the man outside to
learn about the Mortal Kombat tournament. He then asks you to join
the White Lotus. This leads to:

-->Side Mission 7 (E-4): "Gain membership in the White Lotus
Speak to the man at that location to learn about Mortal Kombat,
then you will be invited to join the White Lotus.

> Solution: Go to location D-4 and speak with the man there. He
will tell you to come back once you have learned enough to join the
Mortal Kombat tournament as a member of the White Lotus.

Inside the White Lotus temple, is a chest which contains 300
Jade koins. If you travel to location F-7 there will be a couple
of huts close to each other. A woman is standing outside one of
them leading to:

-->Side Mission 8 (F-7): "Find her father's lost sword."
Speak with the woman standing outside of one of these huts, to
learn her father has lost his sword. Bring it back to her for a

> Solution: If you travel to location D-7, a forested area near the
Temple of the Order of Light, you will find the sword for the woman.
Return to her with the sword, and she will reward you with 500 Onyx

If you are on the beach (G-2) between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.,
you will see Kobra standing there; punch him to initiate a fight.
You are poisoned, so your health gradually depletes. He is pretty
tough, but if you use combos and throws, he should go down. After
he is defeated, he drops a key to koffin "IP" which unlocks his
alternate costume.

When you get close to the Lin Kuei training area, speak with
the man at G-7 which leads to:

-->Side Mission 9 (G-7): "Deliver this mysterious package to his
Speak with the old man standing outside his hut near the Lin
Kuei training ground to help him deliver a package to his customer
in the far southwest village.

> Solution: Travel to location A-6 and give the woman the package.
She then tells you there are purple lotus in the package and not
black like she was promised. She gives you earrings to return to Lo
as payment. Run all the way back to Lo and he will give you 400
Sapphire koins.

After completing this quest, go to location G-6 which is very
near to Lo's house. You will see Jax standing in front of a bridge.
Talk to him to engage in another battle. In this battle only throws
will damage him. Just dodge his attacks and throw him until he
dies. After he dies, you will be allowed access to the area over
the bridge. 8 or so throws should do the trick. You need to beat
him twice. You are rewarded with 300 koins.
If you get to location E-6, you will find Kira standing in
between some trees. She challenges you to Mortal Kombat. You will
start the match bleeding albeit with full health. She tries some
nasty combos, just dodge them and attack with Cho's combos. Once
defeated, she will reward you with 350 koins.
At this time, we should probably head over to the beach where
Bo'Rai Cho has lost his medallion. So head over to location B-3.
At this location are a couple of men talking on the beach. They say
to ask the fishermen at the end of the dock. At location B-2, speak
with the man at the dock. He says he left it at his house for
safekeeping. Some brigands stole the medallion from his house
however. He asks Shujinko to get the key to his house from the
brigands. So, travel to C-2, and speak with the man with the green
aura above his head. He says the only way the old man will get his
tackle box back is if he comes and takes it himself. So punch this
guy in the face and take the key back to the old man. He will then
offer you to come inside to take the medallion. Go inside, take the
medallion, and leave.
You will meet with Damashi again before leaving the beach. He
says that he has not made any progress regarding the Kamidogu. But
it is good you have Cho's medallion. Damashi tells Shujinko to keep
the medallion, and not return it to Bo'Rai Cho, to give him a
reputation among warriors.
We now need to go to point G-8 to speak with the Lin Kuei. You
speak with a man who says you cannot enter the building, but
Shujinko then claims to have the warrior's Medallion to which the
guard lets you in to train with Sub-Zero...

--> Sub-Zero: "Greetings, initiate. I am Sub-Zero, your
instructor. Your Lin Kuei training begins with Shotokan basic high

> Rising Thrust Kick: Tap - 3
> Thrust Kick: Tap - 4
> Side Snap Kick: Tap - Toward+3

--> Sub-Zero: "You have graduated to low attacks. Begin with
these Shotokan basic low attacks."

> Lower Knee Strike: Tap - Down+1
> Low Snap Kick: Tap - Down+3
> Low Strike: Tap - Down+4
> Low Shin Kick: Tap - Back+4

--> Sub-Zero: "Lin Kuei are defined by their strength. Learn
these Shotokan power and pop-up attacks."

> Forward Elbow Strike: Tap - Back+1
> Mountain Punch: Tap - Back+2
> Rising Jackhammer: Tap - Down+2

--> Sub-Zero: "You have learned much, but you are only halfway
through your training. You will now master Shotokan basic combos."

> Cold As Ice: Tap - 1, 1
> King's Crown: Tap - 3, Toward+3
> Peaceful Mind: Tap - 3, Back+2
> Triple Threat: Tap - 1, 1, 1
> Cold Feet: Tap - 1, 1, 3
> Icy Pain: Tap - 1, 2, 4

--> Sub-Zero: "Excellent! You have mastered the Lin Kuei basic
combos. Let us see how you fare with more advanced Shotokan

> Iron Horse: Tap - 1, 2, Back+2
> Cloud Hands: Tap - 1, 2, Back+1
> Frigid Touch: Tap - 1, 1, 3, 2
> Lin Kuei's Secret: Tap - 1, 1, 3, Toward+3
> Ultimate Shogun: Tap - 1, 1, 3, Back+2

--> Sub-Zero: "Now for the basic high attacks of the Dragon
fighting style."

> Back Knuckle Strike: Tap - 1
> Sun Fist: Tap - 2
> Roundhouse Kick: Tap - 3

--> Sub-Zero: "Now for Dragon basic low attacks."

> Ducking Claws: Tap - Down+1
> Low Talon Strike: Tap - Down+3
> Low Dragons Kick: Tap - Down +4
> Front Stomp Kick: Tap - 4

--> Sub-Zero: "Next, learn these Dragon power and pop-up attacks."

> Upper Lunge Punch: Tap - Back+1
> Wheel Turning Kick: Tap - Up+4
> Dragon Attack: Tap - Back+2
> Sidestep Claw: Tap - Back+4
> Uppercut: Tap - Down+2

--> Sub-Zero: "Well done. Now for Dragon basic combos."

> Yielding Fire: Tap - 1, 3
> Tiger In Cave: Tap - 4, Back+2
> Dragon Dance: Tap - 1, Back+1
> Silent Dragon: Tap - 1, 2, 3

--> Sub-Zero: "Not bad, initiate. Now try Dragon advanced

> Dragon Plays With 7 Stars: Tap - 1, 2, 4
> 3-Hit Claws: Tap - 1, 2, Back+2
> Twist Of The Tiger: Tap - 1, 2, Up+4
> Ice Pop: Tap - 1, 1, 2

--> Sub-Zero: "The Kori Blade high attacks are difficult, but you
must learn them to further your training."

> Overhead Swing: Tap - 1
> Blade Lunge: Tap - 2
> Frosty Slash: Tap - 3
> Back Kick: Tap - 4

--> Sub-Zero: "Excellent! Finally, the Kori Blade low attacks."

> Downward Stab: Tap - Down+1
> Thigh Ripper: Tap - Down+3
> Crouching Slash: Tap - Down+4
> Sweep Kick: Tap - Back+4

--> Sub-Zero: "Finally, you will learn Kori Blade power and pop-up

> Spinning Slash: Tap - Back+1
> Overhead Smash: Tap - Up+1
> Icy Lift: Tap - Back+2
> Kori Uppercut: Tap - Down+2

--> Sub-Zero: "Finally, show me you can handle Kori Blade basic

> Bitter Blade: Tap - 1, Back+1

--> Sub-Zero: "Next you will master Kori Blade advanced combos."

> Tap - Back+2, 1, Back+1
> Tap - Back+2, Back+2, 1, Back+1

--> Sub-Zero: "Most impressive! Show me that you can handle
style-branching combos."

> Dark Fists: Tap - 1, 1, 3, CS
> Chill Out: Tap - 1, 1, 2, CS

--> Sub-Zero: "Now for a different style-branching combo."

> Frosty: Tap - 1, 2, 4, CS, 2, CS

--> Sub-Zero: "Finally, you must complete another Lin Kuei style-
branching combo."

> Cold Blade: Tap - 1, 2, 4, CS, 1, 2, CS

--> Sub-Zero: "Now you will learn the Lin Kuei trademark fighting
moves. This next lesson will teach you special attacks."

> Freeze Ball: Tap - Down, Toward+3
> Freeze Ball: Tap - Down, Toward+3

--> Sub-Zero: "Well done! Now try this one."

> Ice Clone: Tap - Down, Back+1
> Ice Clone: Tap - Down, Back+1

--> Sub-Zero: "This next special attack is not easy."

> Cold Shoulder: Tap - Back, Toward+4
> Cold Shoulder: Tap - Back, Toward+4

--> Sub-Zero: "A Lin Kuei can perform any of the previous special
attacks on command. Attack me with all of them. I will not make it
easy for you."

> Freeze Ball, Cold Shoulder, Ice Clone, Cold Shoulder, Freeze Ball,
Cold Shoulder, Ice Clone, Cold Shoulder.

Mission Complete!

You are now a member of the Lin Kuei. Your first assignment,
is to go West where some Lin Kuei warriors have secured an ancient
artifact. This artifact is supposedly very beneficial to the clan.
You need to retrieve it for them, and the password is "ice dragon."
Before leaving for the west, you can spar with members of the Lin
Kuei who are training there. Just punch one, and a fight will
commence. You win 400 koins for beating a warrior. Before you go
to find the rest of you clan in the west, we still need to complete
a sidequest or two.

At location D-5 is a man wandering the riverbank. He gives

-->Side Mission 10 (D-5): "Find the man's lost promise ring."
If you speak with this man, he says he lost a ring for his
wife. He wants you to help him find it.

> Solution: To find the ring, travel to location F-3. It is an area
filled with many tree stumps. In the upper right most area (closest
to the lake) is the ring. It is only visible in the day however.
Return it to the man and he will offer you 500 Ruby koins.

Travel to location F-3 (a big temple with an armed man standing
in front of it) for:

-->Side Mission 11 (F-3): "Seek out the purpose of the great stone
circle that lies to the east."
If you speak with this man, he tells you he is from the United
Nations, sent to investigate strange circles of stones that are
here. He asks you to find out what they are for and return to him.

> Solution: You must have first used to the portal to travel to the
Netherrealm in order to complete this quest. Once you travel to the
Netherrealm, come back here and speak with the man. He is astounded
that you can teleport back and forth and offers you 600 Sapphire

It doesn't matter when or if you do this, but at point E-3,
near a group of trees is Darrius. He is standing there and
challenges you to Mortal Kombat. It is a regular two out of three
round fight except for the fact that you cannot block. He is pretty
quick, but dodging and combos are your friends. After defeating
him, you receive 350 koins.
If you go back to location G-8, you will find a man in a red
robe. Speak to him for:

-->Side Mission 12 (G-8): "Find and defeat the Shirai-Ryu to prove
your loyalty."
If you speak to this man, he tells you that you have not proven
anything to the Lin Kuei. He wants you to find members of this
rival clan and get rid of them. He needs proof that you are loyal
to the Lin Kuei by ridding the countryside of the Shirai-Ryu.

> Solution: Return to location A-8, and speak with the woman holding
her back here. She will tell you that the Lin Kuei are no match for
the Shirai-Ryu. After that, you will have to battle Scorpion with
only 33% health. If you defeat him you win 300 koins. After you
defeat him, go to location E-8 and pick up the Shirai-Ryu mask that
was left there. Return to the Lin Kuei headquarters and speak with
the man who doubted your skill. He will reward you with 400
Sapphire koins for ridding the area of Shirai-Ryu.

After you have completed all the side quests you want to,
travel to location B-8. Shujinko will look around and wonder where
he is supposed to go. Run to those trees beyond the green aura (A-
8). You will find a Lin Kuei warrior guarding a secret passage.
Talk to him to find out that the Red Dragon are near, and they will
stop at nothing to get their hands on this artifact. The warrior
goes to distract the Red Dragon, allowing you time to take the
artifact and bring it back to the Lin Kuei temple.
After you take the artifact, you meet with Damashi again. He
tells Shujinko that he has found the Kamidogu. Damashi then tells
you to find the portal, the Nexus, and not to ally with the Lin
Kuei; he reminds him that he is working with the Elder Gods.
We now have a new mission, to find the Nexus. Follow the green
aura in the distance to location H-3. Shujinko raises the Kamidogu
which activates the portal. He then steps inside... He is
transported to an area with many more portals. Damashi shows up to
tell Shujinko that this is the Nexus. He says that these portals
are to the different realms and that each time he recovers a piece
of the Kamidogu, he should place it on the altar which then opens up
another portal to a different realm. When Shujinko places the
Kamidogu for Earthrealm on the altar, the portal to the Netherrealm
opens up.
*NOTE*If you didn't/couldn't complete all of the quests in
Earthrealm, fear not, as you can travel between these realms at
will. For now, though, head into the Netherrealm portal.*NOTE*


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to find scorpion is not A-8 its D-7
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sorry its E-8 my friend
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