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Mortal Kombat Deception: Konquest Mode - Edenia - Need Help On A Game?! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Mortal Kombat Deception: Konquest Mode - Edenia [Jun. 3rd, 2007|08:05 pm]
Walkthroughs, Guides and Cheats


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Game: Mortal Kombat Deception - Konquest Mode
Platform: Playstation 2
Levels: Edenia
Once in Edenia, Damashi will appear once again. He says that the last piece of the Kamidogu will be found here in Edenia. He then says that he has a bad feeling that someone else is here to retrieve this piece as well. Shujinko then questions about the Kamidogu itself. Damashi then explains that the Kamidogu make up reality.
Notes: This walkthrough contains links and if you want to see those I suggest going to the Website.
Website: www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/919922/3


Once in Edenia, Damashi will appear once again. He says that
the last piece of the Kamidogu will be found here in Edenia. He
then says that he has a bad feeling that someone else is here to
retrieve this piece as well. Shujinko then questions about the
Kamidogu itself. Damashi then explains that the Kamidogu make up
reality. A long time ago, he says, there were 6 Elder Gods, and the
One Being. The One Being fed off the Elder Gods; the Gods then
forged the Kamidogu to break the One Being's spell from them. The
pieces of the Kamidogu then formed the six realms. Damashi says
that he must find the last piece before the evil person he senses
As with every other realm we have visited, there are many
random koins lying about. Pick these up as you go along, and don't
forget to be on the lookout for chests that appear. Our first order
of business is to complete some sidequests. Head over to location
G-3 and you will find a man walking near the edge of a cliff. Speak
with him to receive:

-->Side Mission 1 (G-3): "Deliver the message to the Edenian
If you speak with this man, you will learn that he is trying to
gather up as many people as possible to ally against Shao Kahn. He
asks you to bring this message to the people on the other side of

> Solution: Travel to location

At location G-2 (in a small forest) you will find Mileena
walking about. Approach her for some kombat. You have to beat her
while she does double damage, heals, and you cannot block. This
match is very tough, especially if you have to use Li Mei. I would
constantly abuse her Special Moves which Mileena seems to have a
hard time blocking. I BARELY beat her and received 400 Gold koins
for doing so. The only plus side to this ridiculous battle is that
you only have to defeat her one time.
If you travel to location, enter one of the houses there.
Inside is a man who will give you:

-->Side Mission 2 (E-8 inside a house): "Find the old man's missing
son, or find his necklace."
If you speak with the man inside the house here, he will tell
you that he hasn't seen his son for a week. He asks that if you see
him to tell him to come home. He also fears that he was slain by
Shao Kahn's military and should you find him dead, bring the old man
his son's necklace.

> Solution: If you go to location G-1, you will see the body of a
warrior lying near some trees. Inspect it with the Action button,
and you will receive the "Dead Man's Necklace." Return to the house
at E-8, and speak with the man. He will reward you with 500
Platinum koins for your kindness.

At location G-3, in between a bunch of trees, you will find
Sektor walking about. Note that he will only appear at night.
Speak with him to receive:

-->Side Mission 3 (G-3): "Go to Orderrealm and buy parts for
If you speak with Sektor at this location, he will tell you
that he has been damaged badly after an altercation with Sub-Zero.
He gives you koins to take to Orderrealm to buy the parts needed to
fix him. You receive the "Parts List."

> Solution: Return to the portal of Edenia to be transported back to
the Nexus. Step into the fifth portal (Orderrealm) and travel to
location E-5. Here you should see a robe man walking around with a
backwards baseball cap on. Speak with him and he asks to see your
list. He then tells you that he has the parts you need. Return to
Orderrealm's portal and step into it to be transported back to the
Nexus. Return once again to G-3, and speak with Sektor. He will
reward you with "minerals" which equal out to 600 Ruby koins.

If you travel to location G-8, you will find Jade standing
inside a small tent with her arms crossed. Speak with her to

-->Side Mission 4 (G-8): "Inform Rain of Jade's tent."
If you speak with Jade, you will learn that Rain has eluded her
and her allies. She wants you to find Rain and tell him of her

> Solution: You will find Rain at location D-7 sneaking around a
giant boulder. Speak with him and he will find it excellent that
you have found a cave to the east. He responds by saying that as
payment, he will spare your life. He then runs off to her tent.
Travel to location H-8, and you will find that Jade has killed Rain.
Speak with her to receive 500 Jade koins.

After receiving and completing the Rain quest, head over to
location F-3. Here you will find Raiden walking about (only after
you beaten Konquest Mode). Approach him and you will enter into
Kombat. You only inflict 10% damage on him, so use high hitting
combos, and he should go down easily. Lay on the Block button, and
use Combo Breakers when necessary. You only have to beat him one
round, and he rarely blocks, and is not too aggressive. Once he is
defeated, you will earn 400 Platinum koins and the key to koffin
"EM" which unlocks Raiden's Alt. Costume.

At location E-4/5, you will find a bald man walking around with
his head cocked at an odd angle. Speak with him to receive:

-->Side Mission 5 (E-4/5): "Have Queen Sindel bless this sword for
the civilian."
When you speak with this man, he tells you that he wishes to
fight Sindel's forces and be a part of the Edenian Guard. The only
problem, is that he needs his sword blessed by Sindel, in order for
him to fight. You receive the "Edenian Sword." Note that the man
only ventures out of his house during the day, he will not be there
come nightfall.

> Solution: You must have already trained with Sindel in the main
storyline in order for you to complete this quest. Once you have
trained with her, head over to location C-6. You will find Sindel
walking around in front of a large palace. Note that she will not
be there at all times of the day. Meditate until she comes out of
the palace if she is not there at first. Speak with her and decline
the repeat of the training. She will then gladly bless the sword
you carry. With the "Blessed Sword" in tow, return to the man at
location E-4/5. He will offer you 400 Sapphire koins he promised

After you bless the sword for the civilian, travel behind the
houses at location E-4/F-5. Here you will find Hsu Hao walking
through some trees. Speak with him to receive:

-->Side Mission 6 (E-4/F-5): "Find employment for the assassin Hsu
When you speak with Hsu Hao, he will explain to you that he is
an assassin, and that he is looking for an employer. He wants you
to find him employment, and will pay you a "finder's fee" in return.

> Solution: Head on over to location D-2. Here you will find a very
large house with a massive Yin Yang symbol on the front of it and a
balcony running along the side. At the end of the balcony, you will
find Mavado. Speak with him and he will be surprised that you have
found an assassin. He says that he needs one to infiltrate the
Special Forces in Earthrealm. He tells you to tell Hsu Hao to meet
in by the waterfall behind the palace. Return to Hsu Hao with this
information and he will offer you a commission of 500 Sapphire

If you travel to location B-3, you will find Reiko walking
around on a cliff near some trees. Speak with him to receive:

-->Side Mission 7 (B-3): "Present Reiko's document to a Shao Kahn
If you speak with Reiko, he will tell you to halt and asks you
to deliver a note to a member of Shao Kahn's army. He asks you not
to show it to anyone else. You receive the "Note from Reiko."

> Solution: If you travel to location C-5, you will find a foot
soldier standing at the edge of a bridge. Speak with him and he
will tell you that if the document fell into the wrong hands, it
could have brought about destruction. He says that Edenia offers
you more than this, "this" being 600 Gold koins.

At location C-4/5 you will find Kitana walking about. Speak
with her to receive:

-->Side Mission 8 (C-4/5): "Retrieve Sindel's signet ring for
Princess Kitana."
If you spot Kitana walking about over and around a bridge speak
to her. Note she will only appear after you have completed Konquest
Mode. She says she wishes to inspire some troops to fight Shao
Kahn, and needs to find her mother's signet ring. She says Sindel
lost it in the initial invasion of Edenia.

> Solution: If you head to location H-3, you will come across a huge
boulder. Behind this boulder is Sindel's signet ring. Note that if
you do not retrieve the ring in a timely manner, it will be lost.
Return to C-4/5, and speak with Kitana. She will then reward you
with 500 Onyx koins.

At location B-1, you will find a soldier without a helmet
standing next to a bridge in front of a waterfall. Speak with him
to receive:

-->Side Mission 9 (B-1): "Bring some Edenian pie to this Shao Kahn
If you speak with this man, he asks you if you know of the
woman who bakes delicious pies. He then says that he will pay
anyone who brings him one.

> Solution: Travel to location B-7. Here you will find two houses
with a woman standing outside the one closest to Sindel's palace.
Note she only stands outside during the day, and retires in for the
night. Speak with her and she will poison the pie to give to the
soldier. You will then receive "Edenian Pie." With the poisoned
pie in your possession, return to B-1, and speak with the soldier.
He will reward you with 500 Platinum koins after pondering if he
wants to share or eat it all himself.

After completing these sidequests, we should now head over to
the green aura at location C-4. Here you will find Kitana.
Approach her and she will act astonished as you emerged from the
portal of the Elder Gods. She will go on to talk about how Edenia
has once again been merged with Outworld and ruled by Shao Kahn.
She then says that Shao Kahn is after a very powerful artifact, to
which Shujinko says that is the Edenian Kamidogu. Kitana says that
her mother, Queen Sindel, needs to be freed in order to helm the
resistance in Edenia. Kitana cannot free her herself because she
needs to travel back to Outworld to lead a fight against Shao Kahn.
Kitana says that in order to free Sindel, you must defeat Tanya who
is guarding her. Shujinko offers his services, and Kitana runs off.
After speaking with Kitana head over to area E-2 near the
palace. Once hear, you will see Tanya walking around under an
overpass bathed in the aura. Approach her and Shujinko asks if she
knows the whereabouts of a Tanya. Tanya then says that she is
Tanya, and that she is to guard Sindel with her life; she then says
that Shujinko has to get past her in order to free Sindel. Shujinko
responds with "So be it."
> This Tanya fight can be a little tough as she is very quick and
agile. You are now fighting as Shujinko himself. I recommend
staying primarily in the Mantis fighting style, and make use of his
MANY combos. His weapon style is not useless but should be used as
a last resort. You have no Special Moves as of yet, so those can't
be used either. Style-branching Mantis combos and sidestepping are
you best bets against Tanya.
After you have defeated Tanya you will earn 500 Ruby koins.
With her dead on the ground, head left into the green aura at
location E-1. Once you step inside the doors, you will find Sindel.
She claims you are a bit old to fight in Kahn's military. He says
he has come on Kitana's orders. She says they must leave now before
anyone realizes they have escaped. She tells you to follow her and
she will reward you for your efforts. Sindel will then run out of
the room.
Once back outside, follow Sindel to location C-6 where you will
find her standing in front of a palace/castle. Approach her and she
will introduce yourself and thank you for freeing her. She then
offers to repay you by teaching you the techniques of an Edenian
knight. Shujinko accepts the offer and away we go to Sindel

--> Sindel: "An Edenian knight must first undergo Zha Chuan basic
high attack training."

> Yoke Punch: Tap - 1
> Roaring Overhead Hammerfist: Tap - 2
> Rising Axe Kick: Tap - 3
> Southern Sidekick: Tap - 4

--> Sindel: "You have graduated to low attacks. Begin with these
Zha Chuan basic low attacks."

> Mantis Claw: Tap - Down+1
> Low Spring Kick: Tap - Down+3
> Slithering Foot: Tap - Down+4
> Twisting Sweep: Tap - Back+3

--> Sindel: "Edenian knights are known for their courage in
battle. Learn these Edenian power and pop-up attacks until you have
mastered them."

> Chest Clincher: Tap - Back+1
> Southern Uppercut: Tap - Down+2
> Spring Leg: Tap - Up+3

--> Sindel: "You have learned much. But you are only halfway to
becoming an Edenian knight. You will now learn Zha Chuan basic

> Moslim Fists: Tap - 1, 1
> Spider Legs: Tap - 4, 4
> Justice: Tap - 1, 1, 1

--> Sindel: "Excellent! You have mastered the Edenian basic
combos. Let us see how you fare with more advanced Zha Chuan

> Cunning Killer: Tap - 4, 4, 4, 4
> Tap - 1, 1, 2, Back+1, Down+2

--> Sindel: "Now for the basic high attacks of the Fu Jow Pai
fighting style."

> Straight Claw: Tap - 1
> Upward Paw: Tap - 2
> Back Kick: Tap - 3
> Roundhouse: Tap - 4

--> Sindel: "Every Edenian knight has mastered these Fu Jow Pai
basic low attacks."

> Low Claw: Tap - Down+1
> Spinning Low Kick: Tap - Down+3
> Low Toe Kick: Tap - Down+4
> Knee Strike: Tap - Back+1
> Shin Kick: Tap - Back+4

--> Sindel: "Next, learn these Fu Jow Pai power and pop-up

> Tiger Strike: Tap - Back+2
> Lifting Kick: Tap - Up+4
> Uppercut: Tap - Down+2

--> Sindel: "Well done. Now for Fu Jow Pai basic combos."

> Bloodshed: Tap - 3, 3
> Wandering Claws: Tap - 1, 1, 2
> The Queen: Tap - 1, 1, 1

--> Sindel: "Not bad, Shujinko. Now try Fu Jow Pai advanced

> Black Tiger: Tap - 1, 1, 1, 3, 3
> Tap - Up+4, 1, 1, 2

--> Sindel: "The Kwan Do high attacks are difficult, but you will
find it to be an elegant weapon once you understand its balance."

> Gauging Slash: Tap - 1
> Head Chopper: Tap - 2
> Ranged Blade: Tap - 3
> Liver Slice: Tap - 4

--> Sindel: "Excellent! Finally, you will perfect the Kwan Do
basic low attacks."

> Whirlwind Chop: Tap - Down+3
> Feet Cutter: Tap - Back+3
> Turning Amazon: Tap - Up+2

--> Sindel: "Finally, you will learn Kwan Do power and pop-up

> Berserk Chop: Tap - Up+1
> Chin Cut: Tap - Down+1
> Twisting Hilt: Tap - Back+2
> Reaching Edge: Tap - Down+2
> Rising Kwan End: Tap - Up+3
> Head Saw: Tap - Down+4

--> Sindel: "Finally, show me you can handle Kwan Do basic

> Cutting You Up: Tap - 4, 4
> Ancient Secret: Tap - 1, Up+3
> Sindel's Edge: Tap - 1, Back+3

--> Sindel: "Next you will master Kwan Do advanced combos."

> Keeping Distance: Tap - 4, 4, 3
> Slashing Queen: Tap - 4, 4, 1
> Tap - 4, 4, 1, 4, 4, 3

--> Sindel: "You have shown that you are indeed a formidable
warrior! Show me that you can handle style-branching combos."

> Killer Kick: Tap - 1, 1, CS
> Kahn's Kontrol: Tap - 1 , 1, 2, CS

--> Sindel: "Now for a different style-branching combo."

> Sneaky Fist: Tap - 4, 4, 4, CS
> Black Widow: Tap - 1, 1, 1, 3, CS

--> Sindel: "Now complete this style-branching combo."

> Darkness: Tap - 1, 1, 1, 3, CS, 4, 1

--> Sindel: "Now you learn secret Edenian fighting moves. I will
teach you our special attacks."

> Banshee Scream: Tap - Toward, Toward+1
> Banshee Scream: Tap - Toward, Toward+1

--> Sindel: "Well done. Now try this one..."

> Star Screamer: Tap - Toward, Toward+3
> Star Screamer: Tap - Toward, Toward+3

--> Sindel: "This next special attack is not as easy..."

> Sliding Foot Grab: Tap - Back, Toward+1
> Sliding Foot Grab: Tap - Back, Toward+1

--> Sindel: "An Edenian knight can perform any of the previous
special attacks on command. Attack me with all of them. I will not
make it easy for you."

> Sliding Foot Grab, Star Screamer, Banshee Scream, Sliding Foot
Grab, Star Screamer, Banshee Scream.

--> Sindel: "For your final test, you must defeat me in battle.
Do not hold back simply because I am the queen. I can handle

> Sindel can be pretty tough because she has so many long and
damaging combos. I recommend staying in the Zha Chuan fighting
style and branching to the others. Her Kwan Do has good range, and
her Special Moves can catch her off guard. Once Sindel is defeated
you will earn 200 Jade koins.

After training is complete, Sindel will tell you that she has a
piece of the Kamidogu and that she is giving it to you because she
doesn't want Shao Kahn to find it. She then goes off to meet with
Kitana in Outworld to overthrow Shao Kahn's rule. She wants you to
bring the Kamidogu back to the Nexus. Damashi will then appear and
tell you that you have found the Edenian Kamidogu and that he wants
you to place it on the altar in order for him to become his physical
self again. Return to the portal at location E-4, and transport
back to the Nexus.
Once back in the Nexus, Scorpion appears and says that the
meddling with the Elder Gods has come to an end. He says that he
remembers training you in the Netherrealm, and that he will not
teach you his final lesson. FIGHT!
> This fight is the toughest of all. You have to beat Scorpion 3
times out of five using Shujinko. I'm not a huge fan of Shujinko,
so I found this fight tough. Use his huge Mantis combos again, and
keep Scorpion away from you. Watch out for his Teleport Kick, and
Hellfire moves. Sidestepping is your best bet as well because
Scorpion is relentless in his assault. If you find him whiff on a
combo, follow up with a devastating one of your own. Also, hold the
Block button, because he will try to punish you with short combos,
but if they are blocked, he is left wide open for a further beating.
Once Scorpion is defeated, Shujinko will place the last piece
of the Kamidogu on the altar to which nothing happens. The Dragon
King then appears from off-screen. Shujinko does not know who it
is. Onaga, the Dragon King, then tells Shujinko that he has been a
pawn in his grand plan. He has brought him to life! He then
produces Damashi in the palm of his hand, showing Shujinko that he
has been deceived the entire time into finding the pieces of the
Kamidogu for the Dragon King. There is still one piece left that
would transport them to the Elder Gods. Onaga possesses that piece
and has no intention of transporting them. Your quest is far from
over however, as there is still much to do in Konquest including
completing some previously unavailable quests, training with
characters not available before, and unlocking two super secret

Congratulations! You have unlocked Shujinko on the character
select screen. After all of that, you will be able to select
Shujinko as a playable character. You will also be able to go back
to any realm in Konquest and complete various things. The things
you are able to do after having completed Konquest will be denoted
in the FAQ in its appropriate place. If you have any questions, do
you hesitate to E-Mail me, and I will be glad to help with any
problems you may have.


From: (Anonymous)
2010-07-27 11:48 pm (UTC)

please help me!!!

i can't figure out how to beat scorpion ive beat him a million times on arcade.so can you please help me out?i really wanna beat em'.and one more thing,is the only character u unlock is shujinko?i thought u would unlock alllllll the characters.i really need onaga though!hes my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!anyways please me help me thanks
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[User Picture]From: Michael Williams
2011-03-03 05:27 am (UTC)

Re: please help me!!!

well what u can do is hold block then wen he gets close let go of block and grab his do this repetitively
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[User Picture]From: Michael Williams
2011-03-03 05:29 am (UTC)
sorry him
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